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Below you can view my photography portfolio – a small selection of the tens of thousands of images I’ve created! My portfolio are all images I’m proud of, and more importantly the process of creating and editing these images, working alone or in a bigger team, has taught me so much. My mantra is that the day I stop wanting to learn about photography is the day I stop being a photographer.

Please spend some time looking over my work and see what you think!

Choosing Wisely…

Each photographer employs his / her own style – it’s part of what makes your images unique and memorable. But you need to be happy that a photographer’s style will match up with the wedding photos you see in your minds eye. It can be helpful to carry out a quick search on Pinterest (I love it for research!) and find images you like. I take a documentary approach to wedding photography – I provide you with images that tell the story of your big day, and try to be unobtrusive to capture candid moments of you and your guests having fun! As part of taking your booking, we will discuss the style, and any specific images, you’re looking for.

Choosing More Wisely…

It’s no secret that photography is a competitive market, and a good portfolio isn’t always enough these days. But there are a number of other factors to consider which can help you to reach an objective decision – for example, has your photographer got proper experience of the kind of work you are looking for? Have they got the right sort of equipment to get you the results you need? Are they properly constituted – not working cash-in-hand or without insurance?


I don’t post specifics about my pricing on this site, principally to stop others from stealing / undercutting my prices! What I will tell you is that I’m not one of the photographers who sees the word “wedding” in an email and hikes up his prices; I know that all of my clients have a specific budget in mind and I will work with you to accommodate that budget if I can.┬áMy prices are worked out based on the amount of time I am likely to spend shooting and editing, and any expenses I’m likely to incur. When you contact me for a quote, I’ll explain my time calculations and expenses so you understand why I’ve reached the price I have.




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