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Below you click to view my photography portfolio – a small selection of the tens of thousands of images I’ve created! My portfolio are all images I’m proud of, and more importantly the process of creating and editing these images, working alone or in a bigger team, has taught me so much.

Each photographer employs his / her own style – it’s part of what makes your images unique and memorable. But you need to be happy that a photographer’s style will match up with the photos you see in your minds eye. It can be helpful to carry out a quick search on Pinterest (I love it for research!) and find images you like. As part of our pre-booking discussion, we will discuss any specific requirements you have.


I don’t post specifics about my pricing on this site, principally to stop others from stealing / undercutting my prices! However I do have a clear pricing structure and I’m happy to explain this if you contact me.

 My prices are worked out based on the amount of time I am likely to spend shooting and editing, and any expenses I’m likely to incur. When you  ask for a quote, I’ll explain my time calculations and expenses so you understand why I’ve reached the price I have. That said, I know that all of my clients have a specific budget in mind and I will work with you to accommodate that budget if I can.


A table, chair and lamps shot for an interior designer


A musician in black and white


A bride and groom holding hands at the altar

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