Alan & Lauren’s Paper Anniversary

Happy Paper Anniversary Alan & Lauren Gillies I can't believe it's been a year since Alan and Lauren's big day on Skye. It's been a rapid twelve months and I wanted to put up this post to wish Mr. and Mrs. Gillies a happy paper anniversary :-) Sometimes I take a second to think how [...]

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Dispatches from the Blog #1

Dispatches from the Blog #1 Well howdy! I think we've now established I'm sporadic at best at blogging - apologies to those of you sitting at home, weeping, waiting for each update. "Perhaps today, Susan. Maybe today he'll say something." Knowing, in your heart of hearts, I most likely wont. I'm sorry, I'll do better. [...]

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Engagement Shoot Tips

Engagement Shoot Tips Fab article here on how to ace your engagement photo session. For a lot of people this might be the most prolonged period they've ever spent in front of the camera, and they can be a bit nervous at first. But it's the photographer's job to get you relaxed, and some of [...]

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Website Goes Live!

Website Goes Live - Special Offer! I'm really pleased and proud to launch of my website! Metaphorically speaking, I've just whacked it with a bottle of champers and watched all that code and content glide gently into the choppy seas of the internet. It's taken a bit of time to put the site together but it's [...]

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