Exciting Christmas Products!

Exciting Christmas Products! Happy Monday one and all. I'm really pleased to announce a few exciting Christmas products for sale! Head over to my ETSY shop - more items will be added from time to time! Calendar I've put together a selection of 13  beautiful images for the 2019 A4 wall calendar. It features a range of [...]

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Dispatches from the Blog #1

Dispatches from the Blog #1 Well howdy! I think we've now established I'm sporadic at best at blogging - apologies to those of you sitting at home, weeping, waiting for each update. "Perhaps today, Susan. Maybe today he'll say something." Knowing, in your heart of hearts, I most likely wont. I'm sorry, I'll do better. [...]

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Sounds of Rousay

Happy New Year Seems a bit late to be saying that, but I've been struggling to make time for social media recently. So as this is my first post of 2018 I thought I'd make it a good one! Today I'm talking about my work on a recent collaboration titled "Sounds of Rousay". Sounds of [...]

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Website Goes Live!

Website Goes Live - Special Offer! I'm really pleased and proud to launch of my website! Metaphorically speaking, I've just whacked it with a bottle of champers and watched all that code and content glide gently into the choppy seas of the internet. It's taken a bit of time to put the site together but it's [...]

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The Joy of Printing

The Joy of Printing In which the author extols the virtue of printing by venting briefly about how frustrating printers are, using the bare minimum of imagination to shape the future of computing, composing a possibly-bad-taste metaphor involving battery chickens, and making a Hugh Grant reference without feeling the need to bring up THAT incident. [...]

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Road-testing the Panasonic G7

Road-Testing the Panasonic G7 In which the author tests out his shiny new Panasonic G7, references the American Frontier & Scooby Doo, name-drops a more famous photographer, and blames the camera for an issue actually caused by his oversized nose.    Having a Plan B... It's a commonly-accepted fact that photographers should always have a [...]

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