Dispatches from the Blog #1

Well howdy!

I think we’ve now established I’m sporadic at best at blogging – apologies to those of you sitting at home, weeping, waiting for each update.

“Perhaps today, Susan. Maybe today he’ll say something.” Knowing, in your heart of hearts, I most likely wont.

I’m sorry, I’ll do better. Come on, dry those eyes.

Anyway, I need somewhere to put random updates when I find a smidgen of time. So without further ado, welcome to Dispatches from the Blog #1.

Get to the point Peter

So I’m pleased to say┬ábusiness has really boomed in the last few months, and I’ve been working at a quicker pace and level I’m really enjoying. As a result I’ve struggled to keep social media up to date, so below are a few images I’ve put together for various projects in recent weeks (with full updates to follow).

I’ve had a few weddings on the go with some really lovely brides and grooms in my lens; several fun shoots with KA Leisure photographing their programmes and activities around North Ayrshire; a fab morning photographing a beautiful kitchen put together by the guys at Digital Kitchens; and having the Jessops Academy side of things as well means that every week is completely different.

As well as all this, I’m in the throes of learning best use of my new Sony camera system – thoughts on which I’ll share in a future post.

AND I’m also in early stages of putting together a joint exhibition for next year, but saying nothing else right now in case it doesn’t come about…

AND AND, I’m hoping in very early course to be able to tell you about a limited range of mounted and/or framed prints, just in time for Christmas! If this is of interest to you let me know in the comments!

Sounds pretty full on!

Yep! But I’m absolutely loving life and really enjoying putting together creative and eye-catching images for my clients. If I can be of help to you – whether capturing your special day, showcasing your business, or some other commissioned work, let me know at info@peterjstevensonphotography.co.uk.

And pinkie promise I’ll update again soon. Keep an eye on my instagram accounts – @peterjsphoto and @peterjsphotoweddings – as well for new images on the hoof.

Have a fab week!

Pete x