Album Photography – Kingdred Spirit and the Patchwork Daydreams

As you’ll know from my past project on Rousay, something I’m intrigued by as a photographer is the relationship between music and image, so I was delighted earlier this year when my good friend Graeme, a fantastic musician and whimsical soul, asked me to put together some album photography for his new CD. Graeme and friends Hannah, Craig, Kevin and Sam – performing under the name ‘Kingdred Spirit and the Patchwork Daydreams – have created “Where to Begin”. It’s a beautiful contemporary folk album, with gentle tales of loss and love entwined with echoes of man’s relationship with nature. Have a listen to this, and Graeme’s other work, here. Find him on Facebook as well!


For the album photography, we decided to try and shoot locally, over two or three days in February and March 2018. We had a lot of fun traversing Ayrshire working on different ideas, as well as adapting to the weather and trying to be creative with use of home locations and props. All bar “Lily Rose” and “Happy Bay Driftaway” were shot in Ayrshire, in and around Dalry, Fairlie and Portencross.

Each image is intended in some way to reflect the title track, and I hope they do some service to the music as a visual accompaniment.


Thanks to Graeme for getting me involved in this project, to the rest of the band for just been good folk, and a big shout out to Hannah for her blurry angriness in “Lying is a Wasteful Way” and for lending a hand for “Friction on Skin”.

Track Listing

Track listing on Where to Begin: (1) Lily Rose; (2) Utterly Reflective; (3) Underwater Wings; (4) Whispered Love; (5) Witch and the Virgin; (6) Lying is a Wasteful Way; (7) Dry Docked Ship; (8) Happy Bay Driftaway; (9) Friction on Skin; (10) Babe I’m Coming Home. Cover art by Rebecca Moore.