Mark & Gillian’s Wedding

So, to my last Big Day of 2017 – Mark & Gillian’s wedding at the Buchanan Arms Hotel, Drymen, in November. I was really looking forward to this one, as the couple are friends of mine and I knew there would be some really cool and unusual touches to the day.

Gillian's Wedding Dress

I arrived at the venue around 11am, and spent a few hours photographing the bride and groom as they went through their various stages of preparation. My second shooter, Paul, roamed downstairs photographing guests as they arrived and capturing details in the ceremony room. Hair and make-up was done, buttonholes were fitted… and it was time for the ceremony proper to begin. It was my first wedding at the Buchanan Arms Hotel and it’s such a great venue – the conservatory room is beautiful in the sunlight and the material over the windows made for lovely diffuse light in the room.


Signing the Register

After the ceremony, we got everyone out in front of the hotel for a big group shot, then – in a slight change of plans – went to a garden area at the side of the hotel for smaller group shots. The reason for the change of plan was the setting sun – initially we’d wanted to get all the guests up to an overlook across the road from the hotel, but this would have meant not being able to take advantage of the stunning Loch Lomondside location with Mark and Gillian. So we did all the smaller groups closer to the hotel than originally planned then high-tailed it to Milarrochy Bay on the east side of the Loch. As you can see from the images, even though the sun was beginning to set we got some really striking images of Mr. and Mrs. Collins! Sometimes plans do shift about on the day and my thanks to Mark and Gillian for being totally on board with my suggestions and going with the flow 🙂

Mark & Gillian - Milarrochy Bay

Once we got back to the hotel, it was on to the speeches. Mark & Gillian’s wedding speeches were beautiful, and at one point I think just about everyone in the room had teared up a little… except this stoic, unflappable photographer, obviously. Ahem.

Speeches complete, myself, Paul and Rob the videographer sat and had a coffee and reviewed images / footage while everyone had their meal. Then it was time for the first dance. Some wedding photographers are quick to depart after the first dance is over, but I stayed around the dancefloor shooting for a good hour or so – it was a great opportunity for some candid shots of people enjoying themselves.

First Dance

Mark & Gillian’s wedding was a great one to finish my year, and the feedback I’ve had from the couple has been fab. It really makes my day to hear that people love my work, especially with weddings because there is so much scrutiny and pressure to get things right. Thanks to all the suppliers who helped put the day together for Mr. and Mrs. Collins; to Sandra for the pliers (!); to Paul and Rob for sterling work once again; and finally thanks to the happy couple for being so laid back and gol-durned photogenic 🙂 I wish you a long and happy life together.

Mark and Gillian

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Have a fab day all!



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